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5th Monday and Keith Dean Range Special Matchs

End of the month competitions: Saturday, 5/27/2023.Weather permitting, 1:00 PM Volunteers to help set up the course of fire will be needed, no later than noon. This will be on the outdoor range. Parking will be between the rifle stations and the 50 yard line. Top of the hill if we overflow. Pistol caliber carbine. If you don't have one, bring 20 rounds of 9MM, and someone will let you use theirs. The setup for the carbine will be 10 shots, and I hope we can make two passes through the course of fire. Pistol(s) of your choice, targets will be steel. The course of fire will be 24 rounds, and again, I hope we can make two separate passes through the course. Monday, 5/29/2023, regular competitions scheduling. The course of fire will be from a minimum of 17 yards, all steel, and you shoot until all targets are down or showing a strike. Bring a pistol and sufficient ammunition to meet these requirements. Depending on participation numbers, desire, and time, we may run a second pass.

Bruce T. and Deborah G. LeGrand

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