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Concealed Weapons Permit Info

          We have several CWP instructors that charge between $60-$90 per person with discounts for 1st responders and veterans.  New club members are not charged for the CWP class.
          Class schedules are flexible. The course is conducted at the pistol club. Applicants are required to have 50 rounds of new factory ammunition, ear and eye protection, a belt with holster, and a suitable self defense pistol. We consider any center fire cartridge between 5.7 mm and .45 caliber to be sufficient to stop a threat. 

     Raymond Ruff and Brian Pruett charge $60 per applicant and have a waiting list until a class is filled with 10-15 people. Contact Raymond by texting (803) 924-5275 or by

     Luther Lindler charges $90 or $70 for any veteran or Law Enforcement applicant. Contact him thru his website:

     Don Lemay offers a combined NRA Basic Pistol & CWP course for $60 and conducts free classes for new club members. You are required to meet with him before class at the pistol club. He can be contacted by texting (803) 944-5634 or by email:

     Applicants are urged to submit their fingerprints and application through IDenToGo for a 2-3 week turn-around. Mail in applications require fingerprints. They can be taken at the Sheriffs’ office ($5 for 2 cards), but submission by mail can take 3 or more months to process. 

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