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Business Meetings 4th Monday

We invite anyone who can own guns to attend and shoot at our scheduled matches. Our amateur competition matches hone skills for state & national shooting sport competitions.  Contact us  ( for more information, or to let us know you're planning to shoot with us. We hope to see you!

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1st Monday @ 7:00 PM

Held on the 1st Monday of the month. Six, 8 inch steel plates that drop back when struck are engaged in the following manner: At 10 yards in 6 seconds, at 15 yards in 7 seconds, at 20 yards in 8 seconds, and 25 yards in 9 seconds.


2nd Monday @ 7:00 PM

Old West style single action pistols are used in this match. Targets may include stationary and moving steel or paper targets at various distances. Competitors take turns in each course of fire. Period era shotguns and lever action rifles are sometime used. Some of our members have competed in state, and national Cowboy Action events.



2nd and 3rd Friday @ 7:00 PM

Competition bullseye match using air, rim and center fire pistols. Three courses may be used, at 25 yard, 50 foot and 10 meter distances. Members and invited guests can practice for state, national and international armature events. 


3rd Monday @ 7:00 PM

Self-defense pistols are used to engage paper and steel targets. The course of fire changes month to month. Practical exercises using cover and concealment, use of barriers and off-hand shooting techniques are integrated in the match.

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Schedule To Be Announced

Matches on our private outdoor 100 yard range may include rifle and pistol hunter skills or 3 gun competition events for members and invited guests.

These matches are scheduled by the Range Master on a weather permitting basis. 774 Nancy Rd, Newberry, SC 29108, USA

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