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Appleseed Event July 9-10

Steven Fiamengo will host a Project Appleseed event at our outdoor range on July 9-10, 2022. We're pleased to see youth participation in the shooting sports we enjoy. Steve wrote a brief mission statement for Appleseed. Let us know if you're interested.

The Appleseed Project's has two missions.

First: The fundamentals of rifle marksmanship instruction will be taught. The instruction includes How to fire a shot, Steady Hold Factors (SHF) for all of the position discussed below, and natural point of aim (NPOA). 90% of the instruction occurs at 25 meters. Any caliber of rifle may be used; however, most students use .22 rimfire. The use of a sling is strongly encouraged. The shooting positions will be standing, kneeling, sitting and prone.

Second: Appleseed is about liberty and the saving of our country. We want you to join us in recreating a nation of riflemen. Why? It was the courage and shared sacrifice of those original Riflemen that secured our liberty. Fearless men and women of April 19th, 1775 will be discussed. Sadly, their dream of Liberty has all but disappeared from Americans today. We want to reignite the flame of Liberty in your hearts. We will teach the tradition of the American Rifleman.

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