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January 2024 Match Schedule

We have five Monday competitions scheduled and the normal second Friday/third Thursday Bullseye. All competitions are scheduled for 7:00 PM, including BellsEye. We are trying to give adequate time for members not as local as others to participate in the competitions.

Monday, 1/1/2024

Falling Plates, 24 or 48 rounds, shooter's choice.

Monday, 1/8/2024

Cowboy, 24 rounds.

Monday, 1/15/2024

Defensive pistols, a gun you carry, 24 rounds.

Monday, 1/22/2024

Business meeting

Monday, 1/29/2024

A .22 caliber match, 10 rounds rifle, 20 rounds pistol.

Rifles may be bolt, lever, or semi-automatic. Pistols, 2 magazines, 10 rounds each.

BullsEye  Friday, 1/12/2024 and Thursday, 1/18/2024.

We will enjoy the company of all who may choose to participate.

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